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April 2022

Exploring the Hawaiian Islands with Care

Hawai‘i is acclaimed for its profound natural beauty. From Kaua‘i’s glorious beaches, Maui’s world-famous coastline, Oʻahu’s fascinating marine life, to the Island of Hawai‘i’s picturesque outdoors, there are endless ways to explore and appreciate Hawai‘i’s scenic essences. With so much natural beauty to discover in Hawai‘i, make sure that your clients are experiencing the islands in the best way possible: safely, mindfully, and respectfully. Equipped with these helpful travel tips, clients will have a more substantial and rewarding experience in Hawaiʻi.

Keep Yourself and Marine Life Safe in the Ocean
The allure of Hawai‘i’s ocean waters is breathtaking, but underneath the ocean’s piercing blue surface are uncertain weather conditions. With bold waves, dangerous blowholes, shore breaks, strong winds, and unpredictable currents, we highly encourage clients to uphold safety precautions to prevent potential hazards. Furthermore, clients are encouraged to monitor weather conditions before making plans, only partake in ocean activities when a lifeguard is present, and to always wear proper gear such as a flotation device and life jacket. As clients enjoy the water, we encourage them to be mindful of their impact on marine life by protecting the ocean’s ecosystem. The ocean is a source of adventure and home to a myriad of marine animals ranging from unique fishes, monk seals, turtles, and more. Clients can protect marine creatures and the ocean habitat by using reef-safe sunscreen that doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals, reducing single-use plastics and keeping a safe distance (at least 10 feet). By implementing these practices, clients are doing their part in protecting and preserving Hawaiʻi’s marine life and ocean.

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

It’s no secret that Hawaiʻi’s outdoor landscapes are a natural beauty. With countless outdoor adventures and activities abound, clients are encouraged to discover Hawai‘i’s outdoor gems as safely as possible. Clients can get involved by cleaning hiking gear to protect native trees and Hawai‘i’s biodiversity, properly disposing of trash to preserve Hawaiʻi's natural beauty, respecting the boundaries of trails and paths, wearing environmentally safe bug repellant, and refraining from feeding wildlife. Before clients hit the ground running (or walking) on Hawaiʻi’s trails, it’s always best to be mindful of our surroundings. Weather preparedness, adequately following land access and adhering to hiking and trail protocols will keep clients safe on their next adventure. By committing to caring for the land, clients are supporting the conservation and preservation of Hawaiʻi’s natural environment.

Embrace Hawaiian Culture
Clients can create meaningful and memorable experiences by engaging and immersing in Hawaiʻi’s rich culture with an open heart and mindset. From learning about Hawai‘i’s historical legends, appreciating sacred dances, experiencing traditional music, and marveling at Hawai‘i’s beautiful landscapes, clients will have a more substantial connection to the islands. Embracing Hawaiʻi’s traditions and upholding a cultural mindfulness creates a better understanding of the Hawaiian culture and the overall spirit of Hawaii. By paying homage to Hawaiʻi’s unique cultural heritage while respecting the backdrop of Hawaiʻi’s scenic beauty, clients will have a more authentic and rewarding experience when visiting Hawaiʻi.

Travel With Purpose

All clients are welcome to Hawai‘i and encouraged to travel pono (in a way that is positive). Traveling pono is more than just an expression in Hawaiʻi; it underscores a way of life that aims to preserve the beauty of Hawai‘i and maintain the health and well-being of its people and culture. Encourage clients to ask for permission before entering any area designated as kapu (forbidden) or not expressly open to the public. Going "off the beaten path" is not an excuse for trespassing or disrespecting Hawaiʻi's communities and culture. Clients are encouraged to travel pono by being safe, responsible, and mindful while enjoying and exploring the Hawaiian Islands. By embracing a pono way of life, clients will gain a sense of responsibility when it comes to treating the land.

Festivals of Hawaii

2022 Kauaʻi Poke Fest
May 28, 2022

Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championships
June 07-11, 2022

World Whale Film Festival
June 08, 2022

Island of Hawaiʻi
61st Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament
July 30 - August 07, 2022

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What's New

One of Hawaiʻi’s most prestigious culinary festivals, the Kapalua Wine and Food Festival celebrates the delectable blend of fine food and wine with a four-day culinary extravaganza. From June 5-12, the festival will serve up savory trends in the gastronomic landscape by bringing together world-renowned winemakers, top master sommeliers, celebrated chefs and industry insiders for themed tastings, seminars and evening gala culinary events. Clients can get all the details here.


New Official Visitors' Guide

The 2022 Hawai‘i Statewide Official Visitors Guide is now available. Along with insider adventures by land, air or sea, you'll find opportunities for your clients to Mālama (care for) this unique place, its people and the culture that makes it so special. Download the visitors guide here hvcb.org/hawaiivisitorsguide/ or visit https://agents.gohawaii.com to access sales, marketing and training resources.

Mālama Hawaiʻi

With a hope of inspiring mindful travel while in Hawaiʻi, almost 100 businesses and volunteer organizations across the Hawaiian Islands have partnered to create the Mālama Hawai‘i program. Think of it as more than just an invitation to visit Hawaiʻi, but a unique and uplifting experience inviting your clients to visit in a way that offers something back to Hawaiʻi. A visit where they personally give the gift of their Mālama (“care”) to restore, perpetuate and regenerate Hawaiʻi’s places, landscapes and natural resources through their volunteer efforts.


Mālama Hawai‘i volunteer projects welcome and truly appreciating your clients desire to work with them range from reforestation and tree planting to self-directed beach cleanups, ocean-reef preservation and more. As an incentive and māhalo (thank you) for the positive impact of volunteering, multiple Mālama Hawai‘i hotel partners are even offering complimentary additional room nights and special surprises to guests participating in qualified volunteer community-giving projects and activities.

Click this link for a list of hotel, airline and volunteer organizations on Kauaʻi, Oʻahu, Maui and the island of Hawai‘i offering voluntourism opportunities and special offers as part of the Mālama Hawai‘i program.


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